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Upcoming Client Events

First Encounters: Meetings, Greetings, and Small Talk!

Thursday, June 11: 12:00pm 

Join us Thursday, June 11 for First Encounters: Meetings,Greetings, and Small Talk! 

This exclusive course prepared for Full Circle Financial's clients will focus on interacting in a post-pandemic world. Presented by Deborah King of the Final Touch etiquette school, we will:

  • Keep pace with our rapidly changing world.
  • Master introductions, new rules for handshaking, and business card presentation.
  • Develop effective techniques for small talk.
  • Learn the nuances of post-COVID etiquette.

Your decision to participate in this powerful course may change how you interact with people and transform your relationships. We are honored to partner with you and Deborah King on your social skills journey!

We are excited to offer this course free of charge to our clients as the world slowly re-acclimates to a semblance of normalcy.

To join this live webinar on Thursday, June 11,  click here  and enter the password: 864215.

Our meeting is one hour long. We will be connecting live on Zoom in a meeting format so that we can interact with you and answer questions. If you have any trouble joining the meeting, please email Melissa Case-Merritt at melissa@finaltouchschool.com, or our Marketing Director Ethan Klee at ethan@fullcircleadvisors.com.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your Full Circle Advisor for more details!

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